We only need two teaspoons of cremated ashes to create your unique Ashes in Glass nugget or memorial jewellery. A sprinkle of ashes is mixed into a molten glass mixture that is then formed into a glass nugget or memorial jewellery that can be worn.

Great respect and honor is conducted when creating your Ashes in Glass memorial keepsake, and Lorna Reade, the artist who crafts these hand blown glass keepsakes, says a blessing before every Ashes in Glass piece is made.

In order to mould glass temperatures of over 1900°C is required, once the glass is molten, cremation ash is carefully infused directly into the glass. Since this process occurs at a higher temperature than the original cremation of the ashes, carbon is burned off and the ashes changes colour, from a dull grey to a iridescent white color in the glass.

After Lorna forms the final shape of your hand-blown memorial keepsake, the piece is gradually cooled back to room temperature over a 12-48 hour time period, depending upon the size of the design.

Choose from our range of select designs or design your own to make it even more personal. If you would like a bespoke designed piece, please contact Lorna Reade to discuss your needs in detail.

lorna reade in the ashes in glass studio

phillip joubert studio

When the glass section of the jewellery piece is ready, it is mounted in a sterling silver setting hand-crafted by jeweller Phillip Joubert. This work requires a high degree of skill and patience.

Phillip Joubert was born and raised in Worcester, his career as a jeweller started in 2015 hand-crafting cutlery for his father's studio, Phillip Joubert Manufacturing Jewellers. Phillip proofed himself a quick study with a natural knack for jewellery making and soon moved into his father's jewellery workshop.

Phillip explains "I enjoy the process of creating items that will be contemplated by their holder. I think this is the reason I really love collaborating with Lorna, playing a part in her creations. Even if it’s a small part, it’s wonderful to be involved with Ashes in Glass."

Please be advised that our memorial glass pendants are not supplied with chains.

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