Ashes in Glass prefer to use Postnet to Postnet for all our cremation glass memorials when shipping in South Africa. We find them very reliable and their charges reasonable, please enquire at your local branch for costs from and to your location.

Only a very small amount of ash is needed to create your memorial, about two teaspoons. Once the memorial is made all ash that is left will be returned to you in the same container you sent them to us in.

Yes, you will see the ash in your memorial. They will show as flecks of white floating within the glass. The ashes can also create bubbles within the glass as well.

While the same colors will be used in the creation process, please keep in mind these are handmade just for you so there will be slight differences in how the color patterns appear from piece to piece. The colors you see in our examples may not show as prominently as a result. These are individually handmade works of art, they each have their own characteristics and can never be exactly duplicated.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Due to the high temperature used in the hand-blown glass process this type of organic matter will simply burn away.

Yes, as the memorial is created the ashes will be forever fused within the glass. They will become a part of the glass art.

The type of glass used to create all of our memorials is Crystalica, exclusively used for handbown glass. Although the annealing process further strengthens the glass and while Crystalica is a very strong glass, it is still glass and can break, glass is not indestructible.

We only work on one memorial keepsake at a time to ensure that the cremated remains of your loved are in your memorial. Just as a loved one's body is entrusted to a crematorium, so are those cremains entrusted to Ashes in Glass. We respect the trust you place in us when ordering cremation keepsakes.

Any request to cancel an order must be made within a reasonable time frame, within 1 week of the sale. You will be responsible for all costs incurred on our end up to that point.